About Us

Ultimate Kayak SRQ is Sarasota Premier Kayaking – Paddle Board eco tour company in the greater Sarasota area including, Lido Key (incredible mangrove tunnels), Longboat Key, Siesta Key (#1 Beach in the USA by Trip Advisor  and our amazing bird watching tours at Celery Fields in Sarasota. We provide a wide range of Kayak & Paddle Board eco tours throughout the Sarasota area that will have you on the edge of you’re seat as you observe and interact with wildlife in their natural habitats.

Our Ultimate Kayak adventures are customized for all ages and skill levels, physical conditions and interests. These tours are family-friendly, safe, educational and most importantly, a FUN time for YOU! Our tour guides are fully-certified and are experienced in Florida’s natural ecosystems and waterways.

During our #1 Kayak & Paddle Board eco tours you can investigate lush ecosystems, explore pristine waterways and unbelieveable mangrove tunnels, and get up close and personal with nature. Come kayaking with us and experience an adventure of a lifetime. Leave it to us to show you some amazing views that even many locals here in our town have not seen.

As far as the equipment we use it is all state of the art and we provide only the Best Kayaks and Paddle Boards available to make every paddle and movement  you make as easy as possible for every age and skill level.

  • Dolphins and Manatees
  • Alligators and Rivers
  • Crystal-Clear Springs
  • Exotic Mangrove Tunnels
  • Tropical and Nesting Birds
  • Beachcombing and Shelling

There is no better way to experience Florida’s pure beauty, exquisite landscapes and unspoiled waterways, come join us on a fun adventure and you will also understand why kayaking with Ultimate Kayak SRQ is the way to go. BOOK TODAY!