Jim Neville Marine Preserve Tour

Ultimate Kayak SRQ offers a unique experience in the beautiful waters of Sarasota Bay, making this tour an ideal choice for families. Most famous for it’s mangrove’s, Lido Key kayaking tour will take you through a unforgettable Mangrove Tunnels experience where you’ll get an up close and personal experience with some of the most recognizable dolphins, plant life, small crabs, unique birds and manatees in Sarasota.

The Tunnels go into the open waters of Sarasota Bay by Otter Key, which are often frequented by dolphins and manatees. The shallow water lagoons provide access to amazing under water sea life like conch’s and sea cucumbers while offering plenty of opportunities for bird sightings and other animals as well. This tour is just amazing for the family and anyone interested in seeing the world of Mangrove Tunnels.